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Do You Know the Top 5 SEO Trends for 2017?

Friday, September 15th, 2017

When it comes to promoting your business, reaching a wider audience and boosting your income, then you have to look at online marketing. These days every single company should be online promoting their products or services. People don’t use the old traditional methods of a phone directory any more, then now simply go online on their computer or mobile device and find what they are looking for. This means that online marketing is essential to your business growth and success.

There are five top trends for this year, which you should be focusing on to grow your business and achieve ongoing success.

The first is to focus on the mobile user. As mentioned above, people will search for products and services using their mobile device, whether it’s their smart phone or their tablet. You want to ensure that these clients have a relaxed and enjoyable experience visiting your site and are able to find what they are looking for with ease. This means developing a mobile friendly website to improve customer experience, while also improving your ranking on search engine results. Google has introduced an algorithm that favors websites that have catered to the mobile market.

The next thing you should be focusing on this year and another of the top five SEO trends is to focus on your local SEO. The best SEO company will tell you that local is essential right now. When mentioning local, what it means is that you want to promote yourself to your local customer base to ensure that they don’t go to one of your competitors. It also helps you improve your ranking on Google, since they are focusing on helping their searchers find local products and services at places near them. In fact ninety four percent of people searching online for a product or service searches in their local area. Local means your company name, address, email address and telephone number. These should be displayed on all your web pages to ensure that you comply with the requirements, while also making it easier of your clients to find you and contact you.

Another of the top trends this year is user experience. Google is looking fondly on websites that have ensured their users have an enjoyable and relaxed experience visiting their website. The site should be very easy to navigate, so clients can find what they are looking for with ease. It should also load pages quickly. It’s a fact that people searching online will not stay on a website where the pages take more than a few seconds to load. So focus on your user experience for your website to ensure all your clients have the best online experience, finding what they need and being able to make a purchase with ease.

Content is your next trend for this year. You will want to focus heavily on the content that you are uploading online, whether its your web pages, your blog, press releases, articles or more. You need to focus on providing information packed and well-written content, which is going to also improve your ranking considerably. Bear in mind that throughout the content, certain keywords and phrases should be used to help clients find your page, but they must not be overstuffed.

The final trend for 2017 is to gear your SEO campaign towards voice search. More and more people are talking into their phones to search for products and services. Smart phones enable you to call a friend without having to click on the contact, you can search your location and get directions and you can buy products and services. The problem is that how you talk is very different to what you type, so your keywords and phrases should be aimed at voice search clients.

5 Compelling Analytic Trends to Consider for Fashion eCommerce Sites

Friday, September 15th, 2017

The fashion industry is irrefutably one of the most prominent segments that embraces latest technologies in the fastest possible manner. While trailblazing eCommerce trends like Augmented Reality, Chatbots, AI, are making online shopping an electrifying experience, retailers on the other side need to start deploying analytical trends to take their sales to soaring levels. Owing to this, robust platforms like Magento and Shopify are integrating business intelligence solutions to assist retailers with real-time analytics on customer behaviour. Fashion is a best-known industry that explores latest trends for profits augmentation and hereby are the emerging analytical trends that are being gradually grasped by fashion merchants for boosting their retail sales.

Digitalisation and SMO optimisation

Retailers of fashion sites spend lucratively on marketing apart from promotionals through all possible digital mediums including social media to lure more customers. Social marketing and online advertising became paramount for online businesses as it brings forth the brand value and image to customers. Later, social media analytics and digital marketing responses reveal the influence of brand on customers and level of their satisfaction with the products. Small instances are the number of likes in brand’s Facebook page, number of views in a promotional YouTube video, or the number of shares made from a blog.

Anticipation of recent lifestyle trends

In such a highly volatile industry where fashion trends come and go in no time, merchants need to be impulsive to change their clothing and apparel collections and ranges as per the latest lifestyle trends. To get insights on fashion trends, they need to accumulate information from contemporary retail sites, social media, fashion articles and runaway reports, and blogs across all apparel categories, accessories and lifestyle items. Such detailed analytics aids eCommerce merchants in taking decisions for prompt sales.

Optimising for festival/holiday sales

Most fashion merchants face the backbreaking challenge of sales fluctuations on different seasons. They often fail to capitalise the unerring opportunities in the peak seasons and boost customer loyalty with alluring offers. With real-time analytics on the current market scenario, retailers can offer catering to the changing preferences of the buyers, negate surprises and maximise profits. In other words, time-to-time analytics help fashion eCommerce merchants to gain supreme flexibility in their supply chains.

Personalised recommendations

While upselling and cross-selling are innovative ideas for cumulating sales and conversions in online shopping sites, they can be employed in an effective and personalised way to engage more customers. By analysing the core customer data like age, gender, region, retailers can perceive the buying behaviour to some extent. Depending on the findings, they can show personalised offers or product recommendations. The more retailers are capable to judge the purchase behaviour and attitudes of customers, the better they get in deciding the products for upsell and cross-sell criteria.

Brand engagement through mobile use

Brand engagement is one of crucial success indicator for eCommerce retailers, be it fashion or any other sector, that is further driven through mobile use. Thus, besides using up different online ways including social media for increasing engagement, retail brands also require taking their online store to mobile platforms, through which they can interact with customers better. Brand engagement is positively correlated with in-store experiences. This rightly implies the better customers engage with you through mobile, the more satisfied they are with the online store.

These are the few most prevalent trends observed in fashion retail sector in eCommerce, for the sole purpose of augmenting sales by catering to the changing market scenario and altering customer behaviour. However, what Magento and other likewise platforms will unfold for enhancing eCommerce analytics in coming days is worth knowing.